We provide complete hardware design services with a focus on electronic product design. This includes but is not limited to component selection, simulations, schematics drawing, PCB layout, writing embedded firmware, mechanical design, board prototyping & assembly.

System design

Our process begins with the requirement identification from which we derive the system block diagram.

Component selection

We select and source the appropriate components that will meet your cost & performance target.

Schematic drawing

A clean & easy to understand schematic is the key for building a performant board. Your organization’s standard can also be adopted.


For performance assurance before prototyping, we perform diverse simulations in environments such as SPICE or Octave.

PCB Layout

The schematic will finally be transposed into a physical board. We can output multi-layer boards for high-speed digital and RF applications.


Mechanical components such as enclosures, seals, buttons or others will be integrated into the assembly or designed from scratch.


Dense multi-layer boards with mixed-signal circuits.

Digital designs incorporating FPGA’s, MCU’s, CPU’s or plain logic gates.

Hi-Fi audio devices based on both dedicated IC’s or discrete circuits.

Precise analogue instruments for low noise measurements.

High power electronics boards with custom magnetics for industrial applications.

Embedded designs with a strong emphasis on low power consumption.

RF electronics with custom antennas, modules and custom communication protocols.

Writing of embedded firmware & drivers, signal processing of sensor data.

Modelling, control and optimization of mechatronic systems.

Electromagnetical, thermal and mechanical stress simulations with FEA.